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We believe in challenging the status quo...
We have been tried and true and are willing to be tried again.
After setting recruiting records for the Minnesota National Guard that still stand to this day, SFC Peterson founded "SGT Peterson's Boot Camp & Personal Training" in 2008. He operated it for 7 years in 4 cities throughout the country. In 2009, he made his first YouTube video and discovered its selling power (See it below). In 2017, Captain Peterson, the founder of Video Vangelist moved his family to a water access only island in Florida to become a YouTube star while making money as a Deep Sea Fishing Captain.
Little did he know, it would work so well that within six months he would become one of the busiest charter captains in his county and soon the state of Florida. Within his first year, the Saltlife and Brownell's social media teams took notice and started sponsoring him.
After going on to film with some of the biggest You Tube channels in the firearms industry, Captain Peterson's revenue quadrupled and he knew it was time to sell the boat and go big on YouTube. As a serial entrepreneur, he could see how powerful YouTube is for marketing, and had to share it with the business world.
After moving back home to Minneapolis to serve his community after the riots, Captain Peterson worked tirelessly on the processes and systems of Video Vangelist for over a year. He did all of this before engaging other entrepreneurs to build You Tube communities like the ones that served him so well.
Captain Peterson has had the honor of being under the guidance of Mike Paton.

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