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About Us

Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI) is a nonprofit organization, which has served adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1960. PRI’s mission is “creating partnerships between people with disabilities and the community.”

At Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI) each unique person we serve is at the center of our work. Through individualized planning and support, we help each person learn, grow, advocate, and increase their independence in community life. This work is key to our mission of creating partnerships between people with disabilities and the community.

In our programs, each person explores their interests and goals, develops skills that will help them along the way, discovers their voice, and makes choices about how they want to participate in the community. PRI’s programming includes vocational exploration, employment support, functional skill development, community involvement, self-advocacy, and opportunities for creative expression.

Our vision is that every person with disabilities thrives in an inclusive community. Together with our community partners, we raise awareness, help shape opportunities, and ensure that people with disabilities have abundant choices in community life.